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We have been really blessed with many children being born in our community. To simplify the preparation process:

  1. Please come to the parish office and pick up our records information sheet and guidelines sheet.
  2. You will then schedule the Baptismal Class (for parents and godparents).

Fr. Madanu Sleeva will be offering Baptismal Classes roughly once a month after Saturday evening Mass in the Pentecost room. Call for dates.

Contact: Fr. Madanu Sleeva Raju | 208.983.0403

First Eucharist & First Reconciliation for Children

Preparation for First Reconciliation and First Eucharist is held in the 2nd grade classes or the Elementary Religious Education program. Older children in grades 3 - 8 needing these sacraments attend RCIA.

Contact: Fr. Madanu Sleeva Raju | 208.983.0403


Preparation for the sacrament of Confirmation is for those in at least the 9th grade or for anyone 14 - 19 years of age desiring to complete their Christian Initiation. Classes start in the fall and culminate with the celebration of the sacrament in late spring.

Contact: Fr. Madanu Sleeva Raju | 208.983.0403

Anointing of the Sick

Anyone who is sick, elderly, or preparing for medical treatment may request this sacrament.

Contact: Fr. Madanu Sleeva Raju | 208.983.0403


If you are planning to celebrate the sacrament of Marriage, please contact the Parish Office six months in advance of the intended date of your wedding. As you begin preparation for the sacrament of Marriage you will need to complete the paper work and establish your freedon to marry. After you have completed the paperwork and all other details in this initial process, you may then set a date and time for the ceremony.

Contact: Fr. Madanu Sleeva Raju | 208.983.0403


The church leaders of the 21st century are among your family, friends, and acquaintances. It could even be you! If you or someone you know needs information, please call.

Contact: Fr. Madanu Sleeva Raju | 208.983.0403
Fr. Caleb Vogel, Vocation Director |
Discernment & Recruitment | 208.521.5695

Diocesan News

News for the Diocese of Boise, can be found in the
Idaho Catholic Register, the official newspaper of the diocese. Subscribe online or contact our parish office at 208-983-0403.

The current issue as well as past issues can be found on their website.

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